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  • Do I need an eye exam from Des Moines Eye Surgeons to shop here?
    Nope! You just need a current prescription- bring it in from any eyecare provider! If you don't have one, our friends at Des Moines Eye Surgeons can help!
  • What makes you different than that place that can do two pairs for $79
    "You get what you pay for" has never been more true than shopping for glasses. At Eye Designs Optical, we only offer the best quality lenses and frames. With our combined experience of over 80 years, we know how to get our customers to see and look the best. A lot of places that offer gimmicky sales also have a bait and switch. Sure you can get 2 pairs for $79, but if you want to see better, have any protective coatings, or wear anything besides the selection of 4 frames even your great-grandma wouldn't wear, then you are paying $500-$1,000.....AND they are still inferior quality lenses than what we offer. There is a reason a lot of those places can do glasses for really cheap. They are using retired, outdated, and discountinued progressive lenses that they bought in bulk for cheap. Thats like going to the store to get a new iphone...and its the original from 2007. Yeah it works ok, but the iphone 12 has amazing tech advancements and quality-of-life are using it every single day and it makes a huge impact on your life....why wouldn't you want the best?
  • Do you take my insurance?
    Eye Designs Optical files and submits for VSP, Eyemed, and Avesis which are VISION INSURANCES. We also file and submit for Medicare AFTER cataract sugery (they contribute one time!) Everything else, you can submit your receipt and if your insurance company will cover it, they will reimburse you directly.
  • How long does it take to get glasses?
    Your glasses are custom ordered for you and your prescritption. This typically takes between 7-14 business days depending on the complexity and availability of your prescription. As soon as they come in though we will let you know!
  • How can the mall store have my glasses made in an hour?
    The mall stores have a limited prescription range that they can do in store, usually without any antiglare and they are very basic low tier quality lenses (a few of us worked there!). Anything else they have to send out to their main labs and their turn around is also 7-14 days on that.
  • Can I special order a frame?
    Yep! As long as it is a brand that we have access to, and you don't abuse it, we will certainly order in a different color or "that one you saw on that one guy on tv that one time".
  • Do you offer warranties?
    We offer a one-time frame and lens warranty. Lenses are under warranty for usual wear-and-tear....sorry dog bites or concrete scratches don't count for this! Frames are under warranty for usual wear-and-tear.....sitting, stepping, mangaling, etc.. on your frames is not covered!
  • Can I use my old frame?
    If your frame is in good shape as determined by our experienced opticians, we certainly can! Sometimes it is best to leave those old frames as back-up pairs though and get yourself a stylish new frame, who knows when you might need them!
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